Playtech Adjusts to New App Store Guidelines by Releasing New Line of Products

Software developing giant, Playtech, will be deploying a native-first product line in order to move in line with Apple’s App Store new guidelines that will be introduced in September.

The company that delivers iGaming solutions will build on their own native casino app that they were running for the past three years. The new line that will be derived from this and support operator partners will include fully native gaming content and natively compiled games.

Less Than a Month to Go For Products to Comply

What Playtech will do…

…will enable their customers to create native apps compatible with Apple’s iOS by using Software Development Kit (SDK) with no need for any additional software developers. The deadline for operators to make sure their products comply is September 3rd, after Apple announced in June that it will only allow iOS-native apps in its store.

Apple’s guidelines have updated the clause 4.7 which refers to real-money gambling, lottery, charitable donation and digital commerce apps.

Importance of Adjusting

Playtech Games Innovation Labs chief technology officer, Peter Mares, comments:

“These changes have created yet another Apple-shaped hoop for operators to jump through. Luckily, we have been in the game for a very long time and understand that in order to succeed, we need to provide a solution that is guaranteed to help our licensees continue operating as usual.

To this end, we’re pleased to be able to support our customers in their preparation with a core, native-first product line, including a selection of fully native gaming content and natively compiled games.”

Its native casino app has all back-end functionality that is offered to operators a standard. These are Playtech Engagement 360 platform integration, third-party gamification tools compatibility and BetBuddy Responsible Gambling platform.

Chinese Business

Back in August last year, Apple withdrew over 4,000 gambling apps from Chinese store

…which began with shutting down illegal online gambling services due to government’s long-term plan to fight fraudulent activity on the internet. China’s leading TV broadcaster, CCTV, has reported that at least 4,500 apps were taken down and accused Apple of hosting illegal and fake lottery apps.

China is Apple’s biggest market outside the US.

RETAbet Casino Deal

In late May, the Isle of Man-based firm partnered up with Spanish sports betting operator, RETAbet. Through this deal, the supplier will offer exclusive access to casino platform and live casino suite.

Playtech’s CEO, Mor Weizer, comments:

“Playtech has a strong track record of working hand-in-hand with its licensees, ensuring they are at the forefront of innovation in regulated markets in Europe and across the globe. This deal is a prime example of our strategy to partner with, and invest in, the leading brands, and we look forward to working with RETAbet to bring our top-quality casino content to the Spanish market.”

This signing of a contract came soon after under-fire chairman, Alan Jackson, announced his departure from the company after his six years spell there.


“Playtech to launch native-first products ahead of App Store changes”,, August 8, 2019.

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Playtech Adjusts to New App Store Guidelines by Releasing New Line of Products