Online Roulette

What is Online Roulette?

Online Roulette is essentially the same game as Roulette but played on your PC, MAC or mobile device over the internet instead of going to a casino to play. Roulette originated in France many years ago and has many stories of how it came to be. One of them is surrounding a French mathematician and scientist by the name of Blaise Pascal, who in his obsession with perpetual motion, designed a type of Roulette wheel. Coupled with a French board game in the 1700’s by the same name, it is said that Roulette came to be.
Over the many years since its inception, Roulette has spread across the world and risen in popularity. In the 1800’s Roulette moved across the seas from Europe to America and with Monte Carlo being the home to European Roulette and Las Vegas being the home to American Roulette, the game split into two types of Roulette.

A well-known fact today, American Roulette holds just one ‘0’ in the wheel while European Roulette has both the ‘0’ and a ‘00’. The difference between the two allows a 5.26% or 2.70% edge to the house depending, with the favour being given to European Roulette. Monte Carlo to this day stands as the seat of the Roulette empire, where Roulette’s image was solidified as a game for nobility and aristocracy.

The benefits of playing Roulette online

Today Roulette is easily accessible by anyone over the internet, with a simple download or choice to play at a flash casino, one can play for real money within minutes from anywhere they want. With Roulette games accessible at almost every online casino on the internet today, it is getting easier to access, more fun to play and more worthwhile to invest your time in.

For starters Online Roulette has better features and can be played at your own pace. No more finding parking at your local casino, or waiting in line at the table, now you can choose an online casino, take part in a sign up offer, be eligible for loyalty rewards and get offered promotions regularly while you play Roulette online. Online Roulette games are the way of the future, the next evolution in gaming fun. With the online casinos providing everything you could possibly want, there is no reason you can’t put it all on red while waiting in line at the bank!