Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack in New Zealand

The evolution of Blackjack

The actual transcribed history of Blackjack has eluded researchers on the subject for many years and continues to do so today. What most seem to agree on however, is that the game most likely originated in the French casinos of old, somewhere around the early 1700’s and was derived from the French card games that were popular at the time.

The game was originally called “Vingt-et-Un”, or “Twenty One” if directly translated and gradually spread across the ocean to North America thanks to many of the French colonists who were traveling that way at the time.
The game of ‘Twenty one’ became very popular in the Americas, spreading through casinos like wildfire, but it wasn’t till the mid 1900’s that the name Blackjack came to be given to the game. It was a very wily casino owner who added a special bet to the game that stated if the player got a black Jack (Jack of Clubs or Jack of Spades) along with the Ace of Spade, he or she would have 10 to 1 odds. While that bet was dropped later on, the name of Blackjack stuck and is still called that today.

For many years Blackjack lay stagnant and unchanging, until the internet was introduced to the world, giving a new way to bring casinos to players instead of trying to entice players to the casino. With these online casinos came Online Blackjack and now it stands as the front game or poster boy of Online Casinos the world over. You would be hard pressed to find an online casino that does not have Online Blackjack.

Playing Blackjack Games Online

What is the difference between Blackjack and Online Blackjack? There is none, is the simple answer. Other than the fact that you are not standing in a brick and mortar casino, your money is handled securely by stringent security measures employed in the same manner most banks operate. The rules of the game are the same, often with added bonuses and more choices and some casinos even offer Live Dealers.

Another difference is that you can play online at your own pace, walk away halfway through a play, come back the next day and continue your game. The benefits of playing Online Blackjack far outweigh the benefits of playing at your local casino. Now with Blackjack online, you can master the game and be playing the house in no time at all.