GambleAware and Parent Zone Join Forces to Educate Families about Risks for Minors

Striving to make a more complex approach and raise awareness about the potential risks faced by younger population while playing online video games, GambleAware and Parent Zone announced the partnership. The leading charity teamed up with digital family life specialist to educate families and draw their attention to numerous gaming-related issues.

The group in the main focus of the project are eight to eleven-year-olds. Parents will be able to access various resources and enhance their knowledge about problems such as mechanics similar to those found in gambling products. This also includes loot boxes, which have been a hot topic recently.

Be Familiar with Children’s Activities

The launch of the initiative was marked with a short animation…

…which explains why gambling-like risks in online games represent a burning problem for minors. The second film provides more detailed advice about how parents can minimize these dangers.

An online quiz and a glossary are also parts of the project which aim to additionally educate parents and careers. By using these options, they will be able to explore the topic more thoroughly and learn more about how to protect the young ones when gaming on the Internet.

Vicki Shotbolt, the founder and chief executive of Parent Zone commented on the project as follows:

“Gaming is an important, and fun, part of many families’ lives, but lots of parents do not know about the gambling-like features that are in games – and the risks these can lead to. We want parents to ask what games their children are playing, check that they are happy with what they are doing in those games and know what their children are spending money on.”

The Power of Communication

Jane Rigbye, GambleAware’s director of education pointed out the growing importance of informing parents and carers about the risks which come as a result of overexposure.

Advocating better communication with children as one of the mandatory activities, Rigbye added as follows:

“We’re really pleased to be able to work with Parent Zone to help educate parents about the gambling-like activity that their kids might be exposed to and make sure they know about the existing help and support that is available.”

Investing More Funds into Helping Individuals

GambleAware, the organization which effortlessly promotes and assists responsible gambling…

received $13.5m in donations during 2018. The institution whose main objective is minimizing the harm and suffering caused by excessive gambling highlighted that the number of people receiving treatment is still very small.

This year, the organization invested a significant amount of £3.9m, aiming to provide support for the expansion of the National Gambling Treatment Service via GamCare and its partners.


“GambleAware Partners with Parent Zone”, Niji Narayan,, September 18, 2019.

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GambleAware and Parent Zone Join Forces to Educate Families about Risks for Minors