Digital Fuel Expands Online and Mobile by Announcing the Launch of Digital Performance

Digital Fuel Marketing, the gaming industry digital marketing specialists, announced the launch of Digital Fuel Performance. This entity is built to deliver performance-based, profitable growth for online and mobile wagering brands.

Digital Fuel Marketing has a lot of experience with providing their clients from competitive surroundings with creative, brand building and revenue-generating solutions in digital marketing. Digital Fuel Performance (DFP) will further expand the offerings of the company by delivering performance-based campaigns for online and mobile businesses all around the world.

The team that will manage DFP will consist of gambling, iGaming and new technologiy experts, using that same knowledge to build effective performance-based marketing strategies that will deliver positive results for their clientele.

These services will be offered on a cost per acquisition basis and will include:

  • Affiliate Network – Delivering customers from over 300+ active marketing partners
  • Mobile Advertising Network – This will allow for impressions across a network of mobile specific inventory
  • Abandonment Technology – Reduces overall CPA and capture customers who have shown intent
  • Incentive Marketing – Drive Volume to support wider marketing objectives
  • Lead Generation – High volume brand exposure delivering real time leads for ongoing communication
  • Publisher Network – Company-owned network of industry niche websites
  • Free to Play Games Integration – Increase reach and convert to high value customers

DFP is an integrated partner with AppsFlyer, Iconnect, Kochava and TUNE. This new entity will have a consultative approach with each of their clients, uncovering the best strategies to increase sales, online brand presence and deliver optimal results from marketing campaigns.

Since it is backed by Digital Fuel Marketing, the performance entity will be able to offer constant servicing, through the working week. The experts working at DFP will be based in Brighton, Sydney and Las Vegas.

“Launching Digital Fuel Performance is a critical step for us to further support our existing clients and new brands that do not have an in-house affiliate marketing program. Digital Fuel Performance can transform a gambling operator’s revenue by offering affiliate marketing and mobile app downloads plus many other innovative services. As an agency we have proven to be industry leaders in media buying and affiliate marketing and this new venture allows us to take on more clients and offer more specialized services to generate profitable revenue streams from websites and apps. Leaning on the glowing success of our Digital Fuel Marketing brand, Digital Fuel Performance has been established with the accumulated expertise of industry experts, many years of experience and a global team ready to deliver first class results,” says Toby Oddy, CEO, Digital Fuel Marketing & Digital Fuel Performance.


“Digital Fuel Expand Online and Mobile Offering Through the Launch of Digital Fuel Performance”,, August 28, 2019.

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Digital Fuel Expands Online and Mobile by Announcing the Launch of Digital Performance