Casino games

Online casinos and their games

Less than 20 years ago we saw the birth of the internet and what a wondrous change it has had upon our society, from Wikipedia to email, technology has sprung forward as we share knowledge and resources around the globe. And with that technological jump, has come a massive forward momentum for the world of online gaming.

Now you can download an online casino, take part in a sign up offer, choose your favourite game and have a chance at winning millions within a few short minutes. And these online casinos have become incredible creations, with so much choice, excitement and jackpots to be had.

The online casino industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world and on the internet today, each online casino trying to top their competitor with new games, better graphics and world class customer service. It is no wonder that most online casinos today have hundreds of different casinos games to choose from, ranging from table games and card games to slots and video poker machines.

What games can I play?

It would be absolutely impossible to fully list all the Online Casino Games there are on the internet, so I will list what I think are some of the best and most favoured games you can find at the top online casinos on the web.
Of all the casino games there are, the most famous of the card games using a dealer, is Blackjack, also known as Twenty one. Played for hundreds of years, and barely changed over all that time, Blackjack is a favoured game of many, simple to learn, difficult to master and perfect for online casinos.

Multiplayer Poker games such as Texas Hold ‘em, are often played against other real players, even at an online casino and are favoured amongst the professional gamblers that make a living from gaming. Poker is an awesome game of complexity, excitement and tactical bluffing.

The king of table games is Roulette and still one of the most popular casino games since 18th century France. With both European and American Roulette available to players at an online casino, Roulette is the clear choice for the discerning player.
Lastly, but most certainly not the least, by far the most popular games are slots and video poker. Requiring no dealer whatsoever, slots games number in the thousands with bonus features, mini games and a chance to win some of the biggest jackpots on the internet today!